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your ideal mortgage



At Eurofinco, we always listen first. Who are you? What is your story? What is your financial situation? Only then do we look at what we could do for you.

This is what happens after your intake interview

Second appointment: choosing a credit proposal together

We do a thorough comparison of the credit proposals we receive beforehand.

Together, we will decide which proposal suits you very best.




credit intermediation:

we negotiate for you

We mediate for you with the loan provider to get the best terms. Meanwhile, we screen the market for even better proposals.

We check the credit offer and see if it matches the credit application.

third appointment


signing the contract

Together, we review the credit contract. We'll talk it through with you so you're sure to understand it completely, down to the last letter. Do you still need debt balance insurance? Then we will advise you on that. Finally, we check the draft loan deed and the notary's statement.