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30 years of mortgage experience at your service

Indeed: 30 years of experience with, and knowledge of, Belgian mortgages and mortgage lenders. At Eurofinco, you benefit from in-depth expertise that you hardly find at banks or other institutions.

As a result, we have also had satisfied clients for 30 years. Did you know that 95% comes from our clientele through referrals and word of mouth?
This is a figure we are already proud of!

Those figures prove that our approach works. Our formula for success? Personal, independent and crystal-clear advice.


You are unique. So why go for a 'thirteen-in-a-dozen' solution? And especially for something as important as a mortgage?
Unlike the bank, we start from your specific situation.
Self-employed or individual, buying a first home or refinancing: we will look for the deal that best suits you financially, fiscally and legally.


We are consultants and guide you through the incredible maze of (dis)information.
We are not salespeople. So we are not under pressure to sell you 'the deal of the month'.
With us, a mortgage is a mortgage and not a vehicle to market additional products.


Forget small print, unexpected costs or additional extras. What you do get: open and clear communication. We believe you should understand what you are buying.
That is why we discuss the details of your credit with you at each stage and across different agreements.
We remain available for all your queries.

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Our differentiators

A good financial adviser has professional qualifications, such as a degree in financial planning, a licence as a financial adviser and relevant certifications. These qualifications ensure that the adviser has the necessary knowledge and skills to provide appropriate advice.

A good financial adviser has strong analytical skills and can understand and explain complex financial situations. He or she should be able to evaluate different options and scenarios and suggest the best solutions.

A good financial adviser has extensive experience in providing financial advice. The more experience the adviser has, the better he or she is able to understand your specific financial needs and goals.

A good financial adviser has excellent communication skills and can explain complex financial concepts to customers in an understandable way. He or she must be a good listener, understand what you as a customer want and be able to respond accordingly.

A good financial adviser acts according to high ethical standards and values integrity, objectivity and transparency. The adviser should put the client's interests first and act in accordance with applicable rules and regulations.

A good financial adviser is client-focused and attentive to the client's specific needs and goals. He or she should be able to interact with the client in a personal and professional manner and guide you in making financial decisions.