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A world of possibilities opens up before you

Building, buying and renovating costs handfuls of money. Chances are you need to borrow for that. And for a loan, you go to the bank. Right?

We find that people do not find the credit at a bank to their full advantage. Some even miss out on their dream home as a result.

Why is that? They are given incomplete information. They do not discover what exactly are the lines within which they can colour.




The reason

Traditional lending institutions mainly want to sell. Meet targets. The loans they recommend are mainly of interest to themselves. You come second. Only: chances are you don't realise that, because you don't know all the options.

Eurofinco knows it.

As an independent office, we are in contact with banks, but also with all kinds of other providers on the Belgian mortgage market. This suddenly gives you a multitude of options. Even those who cannot get a loan at the bank often still find a (responsible!) loan through us.

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