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Young People Back With Their Parents: The New Reality in the Housing Market

In today's turbulent housing market, we see a growing trend of young people who are forced to return to the parental home. This phenomenon, often referred to as "Hotel Mama", offers both benefits and challenges for young adults who dream of having their own place. Three stories by Sara, Elyse, and Dennis illustrate this new reality and shed light on the wider economic and social implications.

The Financial Advantage of "Hotel Mama"

Sara Syoen, a 25-year-old working young adult, returned to her parental home with her boyfriend to save for a future home of their own. By contributing just 200 euros a month in rent, they can save significantly more than if they stayed in their previous rental home in Bruges. It is a pragmatic choice that offers many advantages financially, especially given current house prices and the high entry capitals banks require for a mortgage. Sara's story highlights how parents play a crucial role in supporting their children financially in times of high economic pressure.

Cohousing as an Alternative for Singles

Elyse Laureys, a 27-year-old funeral director, found herself unresponsive to banks because of her single status. Instead of throwing in the towel, she decided to set up a cohousing project with her mother and brother. This solution offers not only financial benefits, but also a modern approach to cohousing that responds to the lack of affordable housing for single people. Elyse's initiative to build a new home with her family shows how creative housing solutions are necessary at a time of strict mortgage conditions and high property prices.

The Injustice of Mortgage Lending to Singles

Dennis De Poorter's situation exposes the harsh reality for single homebuyers. Despite a substantial own contribution of 120,000 euros, he could not get a loan for a modest flat in Sint-Niklaas. This illustrates the discrimination single people face in the mortgage market, where banks consider them more risky than couples or families. Dennis' story calls for a review of the current mortgage lending criteria to make it easier for single people to buy a house, without being forced to return to their parents.

The Important Role of Parents

In all these stories, the parental home plays a crucial role as a refuge for young adults who are financially strapped. Parents like Linda Debel, Sara's mother, show understanding and flexibility, which is essential in these arrangements. Yet these situations also bring challenges, such as finding a balance between privacy and joint household responsibility. Communication and mutual understanding are key here.


The stories of Sara, Elyse and Dennis are no longer exceptions, but rather symptoms of a broader trend where young adults are falling back on their parents to find financial stability. This trend forces us to rethink the accessibility of the housing market and the role of mortgage lenders. It is time for policymakers to consider measures to make it easier for young people to make the move to independent housing. For now, "Hotel Mama" remains an indispensable, albeit temporary, solution in a challenging housing market.

As an independent loan broker, we understand these challenges and strive to support young adults in their search for financial solutions that help them realise their housing dreams. Whether you need advice on savings, co-housing options, or finding flexible mortgage options, we are here to help. Contact us for a no-obligation discussion about your financial future.


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